Delinquent Domestics (2013)

Delinquent Domestics

Date/s: 10th, 11th May 2013


As You Were by Jonathan Nestroy
Michael and Helena Hoffmann lead nearly woe-free lives until hired help enters! See the clashes and misunderstandings between them and their hired help providing a witty portrait of amorous chaos, evasion and duplicity that comes full circle.

Two Wits to Woo by John Kelly
When Winsome Manor encounters financial difficulties, the widowed Lady Winsome decides to sack long-standing help Joe and James. With illicit dealings to cover up, the two desperately attempt to prevent that. Little do they know that Lady Winsome has a few surprises up her sleeves!

As You Were
Director: Jay Menon

Adrian Chang.......Hoffmann
Saw Jin Jin.......Helena
Lim Yao Han.......Muffet
May Kung.......Josie

Two Wits to Woo
Director: Jay Menon

Lucille Dass.......Lady Winsome
Abdul Raqib Karim.......Joe
Philip Yeoh.......James

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