Children’s Theatre Workshop / Drama Immersion Programme

November 20-21, 2014:
Children’s theatre workshop/DRAMA immersion programme in collaboration with POWIIS (Prince of Wales Island International School). Schools taking part: Gan Eng Seng Singapore schoolStraits International schoolPOWIIS, Ombak-Ombak students, and 14 local schools students sponsored by Penang Players. 

Venue : POWIIS Penang. This new Workshop included: Creative movement, devising Drama, Musical writing , Jazz Chants and  stage make-up. Facilitators were members of Penang Players (PP)(Joelle Saint-Arnoult, Lucille Dass and Manoha Ranee)  and teachers from POWIIS and Ombak-Ombak. Coordination of the whole programme was done by PP, Powiis, and Gan Eng Seng school teachers accompanying the Singapore drama group of students. In all 68 students from the various schools took part.


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