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Plaza Suite

by Neil Simon

Date/s: 13, 14th November 2009


A trilogy in 3 acts using the same hotel room.
Words like wedding bells, lovers reunited, foibles of marriage, anniversary, extra-marital affair, mistress and parent/child- relationship form the web that is Plaza Suite.


Act I
Mary Schneider.......Karen Nash
Craig Marcombe.......Sam Nah
Suzerian Francis.......Jean McCormack
Deva Dip Singh.......Waiter

Lim Yao Han.......Jesse Kiplinger
Shamila Ariffin.......Muriel Tate

Act 3:
Judith Chandler.......Norma Hubley
Randy Moss.......Roy Hubley
Eric Yeoh.......Borden Eisler
Cathelynn Lim.......Mimsey Hubley

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Blind Date
Director: Joelle Saint-Arnoult

Fazdrina Ariffin
Maya Hanum
Eric Yeoh

Calling it Quits
Director: May Lim

Mary Schneider
Cathelynn Lim
Matt Holton

Inconvenient People
Director: Joelle Saint-Arnoult

Lucille Dass
Anna Tan
Ian Kerr


Date/s: 13th, 14th February 2009



Blind Date by Mal Anderson
At a restaurant , a couple, both in their twenties, meet for dinner for four, but it is now obvious that their friends have set them up. A blind date in the company of mutual friends now becomes an embarrassing situation for two almost near-strangers. Add to this frenetic waitress, and her inebriated husband-chef, who we think we hear but just don’t see!

Calling it Quits by Mal Anderson
On the advice of their respective solicitors, Joanie and Max, who are going through the process of divorce, meet in the cafetaria of a shopping centre. In this neutral ground, they endeavour to establish some idea of the demands being by each other.

Inconvenient People by Paul Hannah
Kim is a solicitor. His wife wants a divorce. His personal and domestic problems have reached such a point that he feels the only way out for him is to end it al here and now. He is about to take the decisive step towards oblivion when he is suddenly interrupted by the unwelcome appearance of a potential client, Robyn. Robyn was just passing by and decided to seize the opportunity to seek legal advice….


Golf War Widows
Director: Joelle Saint-Arnoult

Lucille Dass.......Theresa
Mary Schneider.......Dotty
Fadzrina Ariffin.......Rachel

Director: Joelle Saint-Arnoult

Chrystina Fong.......Harriett
Fadzrina Ariffin.......Hetty
Meena Arivananthan.......Margaret
Maya Hanum.......Maggie

A Matter of Husbands
Director: Joelle Saint-Arnoult

Mary Schneider.......Famous actress
Meena Arivananthan.......Young woman.

A Matter of Husbands

Date/s: 20th, 21st June 2008


Golf War Widows by Damien Trasler
The playwright captures hilarious and poignant moments share by three wives killing time when their husbands are busy with corporate golf tournament.

Overtones by Alice Gerstenberg
Harriet and Margaret present a cultured and refined image to the outside world, while Hetty and Maggie represent the wild, primitive desires of these same women. The play embodies a disparate part of the characters’ personality and is a unique convention celebrating womanhood.

A Matter of Husbands by Ferenc Molnar
When an earnest young wife suspects that her husband is having an affair with a famous and glamorous actress, she decides to take matters into her own hands and confronts her with the evidence.

Provate Fittings Flyer

Private Fittings

by George Feydeau

Date/s: 30th, 31st March 2007

Doctor Moulineaux falls for one of his patients and thinks he found the perfect place for a tryst only to be sorely disappointed. Filled with desperate entanglements, outrageous situations and mistaken identities, Moulineaux’s household is in an uproar.


Director: Adeline Ong

Sylvester Lim.......Etienne
Carmelita Xavier.......Yvonne
Robert Hunter.......Moulineaux
Philip Yeoh.......Bassinet
Lucille Dass.......Madame Aigreville
Natasja Sheriff.......Suzanne
Christopher Koh.......Aubin
Diemuth Plemsl.......Mademoiselle Pompinette
Meena Arivananthan.......Madame Herbert
Shelby Ng.......Rosa

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Comedy Double Bill (2006)

A Chip in the Sugar
Director: Ian Kerr

John Cadman

Anorak of Fire
Director Ian Kerr

Alan Smith

Comedy Double Bill

Date/s: 4th, 5th, 6th May 2006


A Chip in the Sugar by Alan Bennett
Graham Whittaker is a nervous and isolated, middle-aged man who lives with his mother in Yorkshire. He is a shy man unable to manage a normal life in everyday society. Life is relatively uneventful until one of his mother’s acquaintances of many years earlier turns up out of the blue.

Anorak of Fire by Stephen Dinsdale
Gus Gascoigne is a naïve man and totally absorbed by his passion for Train Spotting, a phenomenon mainly limited to the British male. Gus shares his history as a spotter, highlighting the joys and thrills of his rather unusual pastime.

All In The Timing Flyer

All In The Timing

by David Ives

Date/s: 13th, 14th January 2006


Sure Thing
Two people meet in a café and find their way through a conversational minefield as an off-stage bell interrupts their false starts, gaffes, and faux pas, Allowing them unlimited “re-dos” until the ‘perfect” pattern for falling love is found.

Words Words Words
Recalls the philosophical adage that three monkeys typing into infinity will sooner or later produce Hamlet and asks: what would monkeys talk about at their typewriters?

Variation on the Death of Trotsky
Shows us the Russian revolutionary on the day of his demise, desperately trying to cope with the mountain-climber’s axe he’s discovered in this head

Sure Thing
Director: Alan Smith

Adeline Ong.......Betty

Words Words Words
Director: Alan Smith

Chong Chi-Ren.......Swift
Lucille Dass.......Kafka

Variation on the Death of Trotsky
Director: Alan Smith

Philip Yeoh.......Trotsky
May Lin.......Mrs Trotsky
Oh Chin Eng.......Ramon

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Miss Julie Flyer

Miss Julie

by August Strindberg

Date/s: 27th, 28th November 2004

I find the joy of life in life’s cruel and mighty conflicts. He deals with universal theme of society class barriers. The script, with its intense psychological naturalistic drama has nevertheless been hailed as a breakthrough in history of theater.

Director: Jay Menon

Fariza Ariffin.......Miss Julie
Himanshu Bhatt......Jean
Adeline Ong.......Christine

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Another Wrestling Flyer

Another Wrestling

by Edward Dorall

Date/s: 19th, 20th June 2004


Nick is a famous playwright, a former leader of a rebellious anti-violence movement suspected of having a stand contrary to that of the authorities. Today he is a changed man, he writes as the powers advise him to, and is amply rewarded with lucrative contracts and stardom.

Director: Himanshu Bhatt

Kenneth Rodrigues, Mark Beau de Silva, Jayaram Menon, Himanshu Bhatt, Kabilan Reitberger, Adeline Ong, Shamila Ariffin, Carmei Emily Wright, Lim Poh Im, Teoh Ean Na, Lee Chun Kit, Alan Tan, Shaula Simi Kumar, Serena Koay, Mary Schneider, Lucille Dass, Helen Atkinson.

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Table Manners

by Alan Ayckbourn

Date/s: 28th, 29th November 2003


The play portraits the relationship of three couples on a weekend in the same house. Table Manners details the amorous exploits of Norman, assistant librarian, whose one aim is to make the women in his life happy – these women being, as it happens , three sisters, with three totally different personalities.

Director: Adrian J. Chang

Robin Bradshaw.......Norman
Philip Yeoh.......Reginald
Lucille Dass.......Ruth
Mary Schneider.......Sarah
Deane Kana-Potaka.......Tom

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Baby with the Bathwater

by Christopher Durang

Date/s: 20th, 21st, 22nd June 2013

An evening with John, Helen and their son or daughter Daisy, a family that puts the ‘fun’ back in ‘dysfunctional’. Along with a psychotic nanny, dominatrix principal and a cast of borderline insane characters, join Daisy as he/she tries the impossible to become a normal, well adjusted human being.

Director: Choong Chi-Ren

Shamala S. Palaniappan.......Helen
Adrian J Chang.......John
Mary Schneider.......Nanny
Rebecca Boey.......Cynthia
Chris Nordmann.......Daisy
Lucille Dass.......Kate
Regina Goh.......Mrs Willoughby
Carmei Emil.......Angela
Murali Ram.......Doctor
May Lim Beng Suan.......Miss Pringle
Lisette Latsch.......Susan

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