Christopher Preslar

Tan Seoh Chen…Vivian Bearing
Christopher Preslar….Dr Jason Posner
Anna Tan….Susie Monahan
Philip Yeoh…Harvey Kelekian
Lucille Dass….Evelyn E.M. Ashford
Chris Culver… Lab Technician/Student/Resident
Ivan Gabriel …. Lab Technician/Student/Resident
Farah Jasani …. Lab Technician/Student/Resident


by Margaret Edson

Date/s: 16th, 17th June 2016

W:t, a play written in 1991 by Margaret Edson, made its world premier in 1995, in California. It was adapted into a movie for television which won several Emmy awards and was nominated at both the Screen Actor's Guild and Golden Globes. W;t is as relevant today (if not more so) in our hectic, insular, ivory tower lives, where technology substitutes human interaction and striving for excellence tramples all else.

The protagonist, a renowned professor, is forced to reassess her life when suddenly she is no longer in control. She reflects on her life through the intricacies of the English language and her talent for wit and, ultimately realises that hope lies in kindness alone.

HISTORY, LITERATURE, MUSIC AND CUISINE last Sunday 31st January at Penang Ganghi Peace Centre by Penang Players Music and Drama Society and the French Community . Play reading of books by French writers : Henri Fauconnier, Pierre Boulle, Christian de Viancourt. Story of the french Ship ” Le Mousquet” by John R, Robertson. French songs by the Penang Lights contemporary Choir. Followed by cuisine from Basil le Bistrot.

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