Underneath the Lintel (2011)

Underneath the Lintel

by Glen Berger

Date/s: 11th December 2011


Synopsis : A library book is returned 113 years overdue. Is it just an overdue book or a challenge? Will the librarian recognize a miracle if she saw one? Will you? Follow her as she bravely attempts to unravel the many puzzles in this twisty mystery of tale.

Director: Jay Menon

Shamila Ariffin

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A French Farce Feast

Date/s: 21st, 22nd January 2011


The Indifferent Commissioner by Georges Courteline
In this play we get a glimpse into the nightmare world of bureaucracy that has fossilized and is of no meaningful service to the public. As individuals pour into the police station they are met and dealt with indifference.

Stop Parading Around Stark Naked by Georges Feydeau
In this play we are exposed to the world of the rising politician and how that awareness transforms his relationship with his wife into one of nit-picking and self-righteousness. The feisty wife, however, is no pushover and she gives as good as she gets with a charm and insouciance that gets us to cheer her on.

AroundThe Indifferent Commissioner
Director: Jay Menon

Philip Yeoh.......Police Commissioner
Izwan Mohamad.......Tireur
Anna Tan.......Lady
Eric Yeoh.......Breloc
Henry Loh.......Floche
Ooi Eng Lye.......Lagrenaille
Mike Tan .......Garrigou

Stop Parading Around Stark Naked
Dircetor: Jay Menon

Murali Ram.......Ventroux
Shamila Ariffin.......Clarisse
Larren Heah.......Victor
Lim Yao Han.......Hochepaix
Henry Loh.......Romain de Jaival

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