Past Performances

The Murder Game

The Murder Game by Constance Cox Date/s: 12th, 13th, 14th May 2023 Synopsis Brian and Sheila’s comfortable life is unraveling as their marriage crumbles. One day, Brian invites a stranger in for a drink. Realizing the truth of Brian’s domestic situation, he suggests a plan for murder. Brian agrees, but soon regrets it. Director Adrian […]

A Couple of Secrets

A Couple of Secrets by David Tristram Date/s: 13th, 14th, 15th May 2022 Synopsis Marriage & Infidelity on Stage.  A COUPLE OF SECRETS, an adult comedy drama on love, marriage, and infidelity.  In this play, adapted from David Tristram’s The Opposite Sex, the pasts of couples Mark and Vicky, and Judith and Eric, come crashing […]

A Plague Upn Your House

A Plague Upon Your House Date/s: 4th, 5th, 6th March 2022 Synopsis The Plague is back in London, killing people and destroying livelihoods. Only the powerful bureaucracy, religious hierarchy and the Order of Physicians seem to thrive. The London City Council, charged with bringing the plague under control, takes the route of strict lockdowns on […]

Memes: A Love Story

Memes: A Love Story Date/s: 28th, 29th, 30th June 2019 Synopsis A group of friends find themselves in circumstances that lead them to pair off two of their acquantances. We discover that there are forces that are interested in the potential that exists between these two. The meme-masters are at work. Link [Opens in new […]

St. Joan

St. Joan Date/s: 10th March 2019 Synopsis For the annual Irish Association’s St Patrick’s Festival  PP quite swiftly chose Bernard Shaw’s St Joan. An excerpt from the play was chosen- a conversation  between St Joan and Captain Robert de Baudricourt, a military squire.  In the scene, the Captain quizzes Joan on her determination to fight […]

Three Days of Rain

    Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg Date/s: 27 & 28th October 2017 Synopsis To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Penang Players Music & Drama Society presented Richard Greenberg’s Three Days of Rain. Spanning two generations, Three Days of Rain is a heart-warmnig, and sometimes tragically funny, examination on family connections and the inherent […]

W;t by Margaret Edson

  Director Christopher Preslar Actors Tan Seoh Chen…Vivian Bearing Christopher Preslar….Dr Jason Posner Anna Tan….Susie Monahan Philip Yeoh…Harvey Kelekian Lucille Dass….Evelyn E.M. Ashford Chris Culver… Lab Technician/Student/Resident Ivan Gabriel …. Lab Technician/Student/Resident Farah Jasani …. Lab Technician/Student/Resident W;t by Margaret Edson Date/s: 16th, 17th June 2016 Synopsis W:t, a play written in 1991 by Margaret […]

Four Play & Pastiche Dinner Show

Four Play & Pastiche Date/s: 22nd, 23rd November 2013 Synopsis FOUR PLAY by Colin Smith The setting is a perfectly ordinary evening with hosts David and Caroline and their guests Helen and Edward enjoying a dinner party. A perfectly ordinary evening in suburbia until we realise that David is having an affair with Helen and […]

Delinquent Domestics

Delinquent Domestics Date/s: 10th, 11th May 2013 Synopsis As You Were by Jonathan Nestroy Michael and Helena Hoffmann lead nearly woe-free lives until hired help enters! See the clashes and misunderstandings between them and their hired help providing a witty portrait of amorous chaos, evasion and duplicity that comes full circle. Two Wits to Woo […]

Underneath the Lintel

Underneath the Lintel by Glen Berger Date/s: 11th December 2011 Synopsis Synopsis : A library book is returned 113 years overdue. Is it just an overdue book or a challenge? Will the librarian recognize a miracle if she saw one? Will you? Follow her as she bravely attempts to unravel the many puzzles in this twisty […]

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