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Four Play & Pastiche

Date/s: 22nd, 23rd November 2013


FOUR PLAY by Colin Smith

The setting is a perfectly ordinary evening with hosts David and Caroline and their guests Helen and Edward enjoying a dinner party.
A perfectly ordinary evening in suburbia until we realise that David is having an affair with Helen and Caroline knows all about it. Once the cat is out of the bag there is no way to stop the evening developing into a battle ground of recriminations, explanations and cruel home truths. Cleverly written by Colin Smith, the play is a study of modern adultery with a dash of dark humour.

PASTICHE by Nick Hall

Sir Peter has planned a dinner for two. His companion is Viola, a young chorus girl. But he's forgotten it;'s his wedding anniversary - his wife, Lady Alexandra come home early and aided by butler, Medford, turns Sir Peter's evening into shambles. The machinations verge on farce but the question is - will they succeed?

Four Play

Director: Jay Menom

Caroline.......Melissa Wong
David.......Adrian Chang
Helen.......Sangita Bhattacharjee
Edward.......Jezzdin Carr


Director: Jay Menon

Lady Alexandra.......Melinda Jacob
Viola.......Angelena Wright
Medford.......Jon Ong
Sir Peter.......Narinder Shadan

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